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English: Map that shows how Countries voted to...

English: Map that shows how Countries voted to the 2008 UN moratorium on the death penalty proposal. In green, those who voted in favor. In red, those who voted against. In yellow, those who abstained. Italiano: Mappa che mostra i voti alla proposta all’ONU di moratoria universale della pena di morte del 2008. In verde, i Paesi che hanno votato a favore. In rosso, quelli che hanno votato contro. In giallo, quelli che si sono astenuti. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Death PenaltyMoratorium

22 November 2012

United Nations Secretary-GeneralBan Ki-moon welcomes a record vote by a General Assembly committee in favour of the call for a moratorium on the use of the death penalty, according to his spokesperson.

“Monday’s vote offers the opportunity to again encourage Member States who still practice the death penalty or retain it in law to follow suit,” the spokesperson added in a…

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