No Silence about Marissa Alexander`s Case!

Zimmerman free  Black woman convicted

Abused woman get ….

Marissa Alexanders twins



Silence ….

Behind this deadly silence a woman is in danger, to become destroyed,

menthally, physically, and by missing her wonderful children…





She had lived with a violent husband, alsways hoping,

she could master this hellish situation.

No, no, no: if You have time to read so please read this book:

Marie Hirigoyen: Die Masken der Niedertracht

(please, look for an English version!)

Read this book You´ll be convinced with me:

this intelligent and wonderful woman had no chance

to came out – without help – from chains this

relationship had put on her shoulders.




You´ll be shocked to watch a photo from Marissa  n o w !

There are photos in my several blogs…


Annamaria Dr. Grabowski M.A.


3 thoughts on “No Silence about Marissa Alexander`s Case!

    1. Thank You for commenting; but excuse me, I cannot really understand
      the meaning of Your words.
      Be so kind, please, and tell me again (I am German)

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