Texas Moratorium Network
  December 6, 2012  
Greetings!Texas executed 15 people in 2012, two more people than in 2011. 73 percent of the people Texas executed in 2012 were people of color, seven African-American and four Hispanics. There were four white people executed by Texas in 2012.

Five people were executed from Dallas County, two from Bexar County, two from Montgomery County, one from Harris County, one from Gregg County, one from Polk County, one from Cherokee County, one from Jefferson County and one from Tarrant County.

Since December 7, 1982, the state of Texas has executed 492 people. There have been 253 executions in Texas since Rick Perry took office in December 2000.

2011 saw the lowest number of executions in 15 years dating back to 1996. The highest number of executions was 40 in 2000.

So far, 8 people have been sentenced to death in 2012…

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