Sentenced at age16 she has spent 1/2 life in prison: 27 years!

 Christine Lockheart, I wish for You You could see this flower in freedom – from out of my heart! Annamaria

Sentenced at age 16 she has spent 1/2 her life in prison. 27 Years. She deserves
a second chance* Please sign Her Petition
Christine Lockheart has been incarcerated since she was 17, she has now been in
prison well over half of her life (the past 27 years). Christine has a life
without parole sentence for a murder that took place when she was 17, but
Christine was not the killer. Christine’s boyfriend at the time, Rick Nebinger
who was 24 when the crime took place brutally murdered Floyd Brown while
Christine unknowingly waited in the car. Rick was an adult with a long history
of convictions and pending charges. Christine was given the same sentence as the
assailant because she was considered an aider and abettor and did not turn her
boyfriend in. Christine has served more time in prison for this crime than the
man who committed the murder, who passed away in prison. When the Supreme Court
ruled against mandatory life without parole for juveniles they did so because
scientific neurological research has proven that the brains of children are not
as fully developed as the brains of adults and therefore children are less
culpable than adults. In the past 27 years that Christine has been incarcerated
she has developed into an amazing woman. She has served as a mentor to other
inmates who have come and gone, she has become the editor of the newsletter for
the Iowa Coalition to Oppose Life Without the Possibility of Parole for
Children, and she is working on earning a college degree. Christine has already
spent 27 years of her life paying for her knowledge of this crime. No other
country in the world sentences juveniles to life without parole. Christine
should not spend any more of her life behind bars for her role in this crime.
Please sign this petition and help Christine get a second chance.
Governor Terry Branstad and the Iowa Board of Parole
Make Christine Lockheart immediately eligible for parole!

[Your name]


3 thoughts on “Sentenced at age16 she has spent 1/2 life in prison: 27 years!

  1. This is not even close to the truth at all. People that have no clue of what really went on in this case should stay out of it!! Christine was never in the car. If you want the truth of this case ever really want to come out then some one should get ahold of me I have the letters Christine wrote herself after this crime to Ricky Nebinger talking about the details of the case so people please don’t be fooled by this!! If want real details contact me at

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