PETITION: NO TO NEW WOMEN´S JAIL: Thousands of L.A. Women & Transgender People, mostly impoverished, mostly People of Color, many immigrants…HELP!

Now that they have taken VSPW they want the money to build a new LA County Jail For Women! Say NO*

We are writing on behalf of thousands of Los Angeles women and transgender people, mostly impoverished, mostly people of color, and many of whom are immigrants, for your help in opposing a new women’s jail. Now is the time to join the fight against more cages and for healthy and strong communities.

We have 300 individuals signed on, we need to get to 500 TODAY!

You have likely heard about the series of scandals, including the widespread abuse of prisoners, that have rocked the Los Angeles County’s Sheriff’s Department. Now Sheriff Lee Baca says he is the best one to help women who are locked up in LA’s jail system and wants to build a new $200 million on a new jail for women.


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