Prisoners Cold Call From Jail Call Centres! Skype News

Prisoners Cold Call From Jail Call Centres

Inmates are paid to ring up homeowners and ask them about insurance, raising fears about the risk to the public.

11:27am UK, Wednesday 21 August 2013
HMP Drake Hall StaffordshireOne centre operates at HMP Drake Hall women’s prison in Staffordshire

Prisoners are being employed to gather insurance details from members of the public at call centres set up inside jails.

The Ministry of Justice has confirmed inmates are working as call centre operatives at HMP Oakwood in Wolverhampton and HMP Drake Hall in Staffordshire.

They carry out market research for insurance companies as part of a scheme officials claim prepares them to return to work after their release.

Without revealing they are in jail, they read from a script, which reports suggested included asking possible customers their names and postcodes.

It was also claimed prisoners would inquire about the total value of homeowners’ possessions and any…

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