Bring Lynne Stewart home!

201747575_80_80Report: Alan Maass

Bring Lynne Stewart home

Alan Maass reports on a new call to speak out on behalf of a crusader for our rights.

December 11, 2013

SUPPORTERS OF Lynne Stewart, the radical lawyer unjustly incarcerated on “terrorism” charges, are calling for a renewed campaign to pressure the federal government’s Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to grant her petition for compassionate release before it is too late.

Stewart was a breast cancer survivor when she was sent to prison in 2009. The cancer returned and spread since, and Stewart has been unable to get effective treatment. The warden of Carswell, the federal prison hospital where she is being held, has twice approved a petition asking for Stewart’s release on medical grounds and forwarded it to the BOP in Washington. But BOP officials rejected the petition once before and appear to be dragging their feet a second time.

The Justice for…

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